Coronavirus infection control

Below are details of the arrangements I have put in place to minimise the risk of transmission. I appreciate that this will be very different from what we all are used to. My priority is to offer the best service I can whilst keeping everyone safe, as far as possible.

online consultations

In order to keep face to face contact to a minimum, I have introduced online consultations. I recommend booking your initial consultation online as I have found that most people feel more comfortable discussing their reasons for seeking osteopathic care from the safety and comfort of their own home, especially if the appointment is for a baby or young child. This means that we can focus on your treatment when you come into the clinic.

During the online consultation, I will explain my evaluation and what you can do to manage the symptoms yourself. We will agree a care plan, including a face to face follow up where appropriate.

If you book an online consultation, the fee for your next clinic appointment will be reduced to £50.


You will now need to pay online at the time of booking. I have split the fee between the online consultation and the treatment session so that each is charged separately. There has been a small increase overall due to the increased time and costs involved in providing high quality osteopathic care during the pandemic. If you think you will struggle to afford your treatment, please contact me to discuss a concessionary rate.

treatment sessions

You will need to fill out a screening form before coming into the clinic, to confirm whether it is appropriate for you to attend and ensure you understand the risks associated with doing so and the processes I have put in place to mitigate them.

Please do not come to the clinic if:

      • the NHS has told you that you are extremely clinically vulnerable
      • you have symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, a new persistent cough, loss of smell or taste)
      • you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has been confirmed to have C-19 in the last 14 days

Traveling to the clinic

I am cycling to and from the clinic to avoid unnecessary contact with others on public transport. I recommend you cycle or walk if possible.

If you drive, there is paid parking on Bush Rd, Beck Rd and Sheep Lane. There is also free parking from noon on Gore Road.

If you do need to use public transport, it is recommended that you wear a face mask.

Arriving at the clinic

The waiting area is closed. Please arrive on time and call me when you are outside. Do not ring the bell. I will come to the door and let you in. You will need to wash your hands on arrival.

Babies & children

Please do not bring children with you to your appointment.

If the appointment is for a child, it is recommended that only one adult accompanies them. If you are bringing your baby for treatment, please bring a blanket for them to lie on.

personal protective equipment

I will be wearing a face mask and disposable apron. I will also wear disposable gloves during your treatment and thoroughly clean my hands before and after.

Face masks and disposable gloves will be available should you need them, though this is not compulsory unless you have a condition that means you are likely to cough or sneeze, such as asthma or hay fever.

Sanitation and Cleaning

I will clean the treatment room, plinth and pillows after every patient. I will also replace my apron/gloves and air the room. The waiting area will be cleaned daily and the bathroom will be cleaned after every use.